25rds - 12 Gauge Winchester Blind Side 3-1/2" 1-3/8 oz. #1 Hex Shot Ammo


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  • Bullet Weight 1-3/8 oz.
  • Manufacturer SKU SBS12LHV1
  • Muzzle Velocity 1675
  • Shot Material Steel

This large waterfowl load from Winchester's Blind Side series features 1-3/8 oz. of #1 hex shaped shot packed densely into a 3-1/2" shell. Such an efficient arrangement makes room for a more powerful powder charge, enabling this load to achieve a muzzle velocity of 1,675 feet per second. Such a high velocity generates more dependable patterning and makes those tougher shots against more distant birds feasible. This US-made ammo is lead free and complies with environmental regulations on hunting in wetland habitats. Each box contains 25 shells.

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