25rds - 12 Gauge Winchester AA Sporting Clays 2-3/4" 1-1/8 Ounce #8 Shot Ammo


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  • Bullet Weight 1-1/8 oz.
  • Manufacturer SKU AASC128
  • Muzzle Velocity 1300
  • Shot Material Lead
This basic multipurpose 12 gauge load from Winchester will satisfy your needs at the skeet range as well as in the field when you're stalking grouse and pheasants. A 2-3/4 inch shell length coupled with a durable hull makes these rounds suitable candidates for reloading in any form. Each shotshell is loaded with 1-1/8 ounce of #8 lead shot which has been hardened for improved patterning and more effective penetration into upland birds. Winchester also assembles these shells using precisely measured charges of their powder, their dependable 209 primers, and their exclusive AA wad.

Winchester's AA wad is well-known to the shotgun hunting community due its low component price and proven functionality and recoil softening. The wad is designed with a powder cup (bottom) which forms a proper seal during ignition and makes the best use of propellant gases in order to maximize muzzle velocity. This increased speed works with the petal-cut shot cup in order to push a dense shot cloud farther for more effective bird drops and clay breaks at extended range. Winchester ammunition is American made and backed by a century and a half of experience producing quality ammunition for citizens, law enforcement, and military contracts.

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