25rds - 12 Ga. Federal Ultra-Shok 3" 1 1/8oz. #2 HV Steel Shot

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  • Bullet Weight 1-1/8 oz.
  • Manufacturer SKU PW143 2
  • Muzzle Velocity 1550
  • Shot Material Steel

This is 12 Ga. Federal Ultra-Shok 3" 1 1/8oz. #2 High Velocity Steel Shot Ammo. Speed and power is what it’s all about. With High Velocity Steel you’ve got the fastest steel load on the market, that’s quicker to the target for shorter leads at longer ranges and harder hitting on impact. This steel shot ammo features uniformly round plated steel pellets that are corrosion resistant and a high output primer provides consistent ballistic performance at all temperatures. This ammo has water tight seals at the crimp and primer. Comes packed in 25rds. per box.

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