250rds – 410 Bore Fiocchi 2-1/2" 1/2oz. #9 Shot Ammo

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250rds – 410 Bore Fiocchi 2-1/2" 1/2oz. #9 Shot Ammo Details

This 410 Bore shotshell by Fiocchi is loaded with one half ounce of #9 shot. Even a hull so small as the 410 Bore’s is able to contain more than 290 of the .08” diameter pellets, giving you the fine spray of shot you need to reliably demolish clays at a game of trap, skeet, or sporting clays. This shot is made of 5 percent antimony lead, so it’s exceptionally hard and thus able to resist deformation in order to fly consistently straight. This shell’s superior accuracy is even further improved by its fast muzzle velocity, even spreading wad, and propellant that burns both cleanly and uniformly.

Fiocchi is based in Lecco, Italy, where they’ve made fine ammunition for over 14 decades. Although they do supplement what they sell in America with products from their headquarters, all of their shotshells sold here come from their factory in Ozark, MO. Italian engineering coupled with American elbow grease -- it’s the best of both worlds!
  • Manufacturer
  • Condition
  • Bullet Weight
    1/2 oz.
  • Bullet Type
    #9 Shot
  • Use Type
    Target Loads
  • Quantity
  • Ammo Caliber
    410 Gauge
  • Manufacturer SKU
  • Shot Material
  • Shell Length
  • Muzzle Velocity
  • UPC Barcode
  • Cost Per Round


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