250rds – 20 Gauge Stars & Stripes 2-3/4" 1oz. #6 Shot Ammo

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250rds – 20 Gauge Stars & Stripes 2-3/4" 1oz. #6 Shot Ammo Details

This 20 Gauge shotshell by Florida-based manufacturer Stars & Stripes is loaded with one ounce of #6 lead shot. The .11” diameter pellets are a versatile choice that will leave no upland game unavailable to you. Chamber this affordable load and you’ll be the one that rabbit, chukker, partridge, chukker, quail, turkey, and pheasant alike would not care to run into. With an ounce of #6 shot flying out of your muzzle at 1,300 fps, you’ll enjoy a spread wider at a few dozen yards out than your target is likely to be, and game covered by vegetation will not be protected as well.

A Stars & Stripes shell accomplishes two important tasks at once: saving you money, and giving you reliable performance that you can hunt with. This shotshell is still equipped with a modern non-corrosive Boxer and clean burning propellant charge that will keep your shotgun in better working order over the course of your hunt, and its lead is hard enough to resist accuracy-spoiling deformation.
  • Bullet Weight
    1 oz.
  • Bullet Type
    #6 Shot
  • Manufacturer
    Stars & Stripes
  • Manufacturer SKU
  • Muzzle Velocity
  • Shot Material
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