250rds – 20 Gauge Magtech 2-3/4" 13/16oz. F Shot Ammo


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250rds – 20 Gauge Magtech 2-3/4" 13/16oz. F Shot Ammo Details

“What the heck is F shot?” That’s a fair question if you’re only seeing it for the first time. Also known as TTT shot outside of the U.S., F shot was originally used for goose hunting before smaller shot pellets were determined to be superior for the job. But when F shot pellets are made out of lead instead of steel, they’re excellent for home defense when you want to do all you can to avoid penetrating multiple layers of wallboard and jeopardizing your neighbors.

This 2-3/4" 20 Gauge shell is loaded with 13/16 ounces (26 pellets) of F shot. Each hard lead ball is 0.22” in diameter, which makes it heavy enough to carry the momentum it needs to hit hard at close range – as well as wide enough to produce a sufficiently gaping wound channel to stagger a threat. Loaded to a muzzle velocity of 1,250 fps, this shell gives its shot the speed it needs to deliver ample energy to its target in the form of a dense, deadly shot pattern.

Magtech engineers a smooth-feeding hull, which is equipped with the non-corrosive primer and clean-burning powder that are both requisite for reliable performance. Order the case and get your target practice in ahead of time!
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    13/16 oz.
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    20 Gauge
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