20rds - 8x50R Lebel Precision Cartridge Inc. 175gr. PSP-BT Ammo

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PCI 175 Grain Pointed Soft Point Boat-Tail Ammo Details

Precision Cartridge Inc. has made these rounds available to American collectors of fine French rifles from a previous age. These 8x50mmR Lebel cartridges are built using new, reloadable brass casings and non-corrosive Boxer primers. They are topped off with pointed soft point bullets with boat tails (PSP-BT) for improved stability while in flight. While the PSP-BT is not safe for use in tubular magazines of guns like the Model 1886, it is perfectly appropriate for single-load shots or in a Berthier style rifle.

The pointed shape of the exposed lead tip grants the bullet slicker accuracy in-flight as well as increased penetration into tough elk or deer at a distance. Upon impact with a target, the bullet will begin expanding in order to create a larger wound cavity before coming to a halt in vital zones. This transfers greater energy to the appropriate location while reducing the chance for over penetration. Each projectile weighs in at 175 grains which is a relatively light load for the caliber but offers a flatter trajectory. PCI ammo is made in Indiana using top-notch equipment and over 30 years of manufacturing experience.
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    Pointed Soft Point Boat-Tail
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    Deer Hunting
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    8 x 50R LEBEL
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