20rds - 7mm STW Precision Cartridge Inc. 140gr. PSP-BT Ammo

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PCI 140 Grain Pointed Soft Point Boat-Tail Ammo Details

These excellent 7mm Shooting Times Western (7mm STW) cartridges from Precision Cartridge Inc (PCI) are the perfect way to supplement your handloading! PCI is a small American manufacturer that has been around since 1986 and is known for supplying high-quality ammunition to law enforcement officers as well as for crafting some lesser-known and hard-to-find calibers; this includes older cartridges for C&R rifles and unique wildcat rounds. PCI's ammo is creating using modern machinery and then inspected for uniformity before being boxed up and shipped out.

Each of these 7mm STW rounds comprises a reloadable brass casing fitted with a non-corrosive Boxer primer. This load's profile calls for a 140-grain PSP-BT projectile which falls near the lower part of this caliber's weight range. As a result, shooters can expect relatively soft recoil alongside a flat trajectory for taking big game at medium range. PSP-BT bullets have exposed lead tips that are tapered like traditional Spitzer projectiles and sloped rears which resist drag in-flight. During entry into a deer or hog, the pointed soft point will experience mushrooming expansion which will cause it to yaw while carving out a larger wound cavity and eventually stop in vital areas. This transfers incredible kinetic energy to the game animal in order to achieve a cleaner, more humane drop.
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    Pointed Soft Point Boat-Tail
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    Deer Hunting
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    7mm Stw
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