20rds – 7mm Rem Mag Hornady Superformance 154gr. SST Ammo

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20rds – 7mm Rem Mag Hornady Superformance 154gr. SST Ammo Details

This 7mm Rem Mag cartridge from Hornady’s Superformance ammo line showcases the performance of its manufacturer’s state of the art SST projectile. The SST inflicts catastrophic shock at the moment of the impact, even far downrange, as its aerodynamic secant ogive profile and boat tail design both come together to improve its ballistic coefficient considerably. It’s not just the SST’s impact energy that game animals dread, though -- this bullet’s hard polymer tip wedges violently into its core during penetration, bringing about simply lethal expansion. This round’s SST keeps itself together as it rockets through vitals thanks to its InterLock ring, which mechanically locks its dense core and tough jacket together, as well as its mid-body cannelure.

This round’s terminal performance is even more devastating because it’s a Superformance, with progressive propellant that delivers a significant boost to muzzle velocity without tacking on unwanted additional recoil or chamber pressure. The cartridge also utilizes the best brass casing and Boxer primer that a juggernaut like Hornady is able to make, which really speaks volumes for its quality.
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    154 Grain
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    Boar Hunting, Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting
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  • Ammo Caliber
    7mm Remington Magnum
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