20rds – 7mm Rem Mag Hornady Superformance 139gr. SST Ammo

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Hornady Ammunition 139 Grain SST Ammo Details

Before we discuss anything about this cartridge, please direct your attention to its muzzle velocity and energy values. They are only different by a single integer. That’s really neither here nor there in terms of performance, but man, wouldn’t it have been satisfying if they were the same number?

Enough of that. This 7mm Rem Mag cartridge is from Hornady’s Superformance line of ammunition. That means it will effectively increase your rifle’s muzzle velocity by as many as 200 fps, but without harming performance in terms of added recoil, temperature sensitivity, and muzzle blast!

This round features Hornady’s own Super Shock Tip (SST). It’s an extremely ballistically efficient bullet with a pointed and centered polymer tip, a streamlined secant ogive profile, and a boat tail that causes it to generate little turbulence in flight. As the result it retains greater velocity far downrange, enabling it to inflict tremendous energy when it strikes. The SST’s tip initiates devastating expansion upon impact, and its InterLock ring ensures it retains the weight needed to penetrate a target deeply.
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    139 Grain
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