20rds – 7mm Mauser Remington Core-Lokt 140gr. PSP Ammo

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Remington Ammunition 140 Grain Pointed Soft-Point (PSP) Ammo Details

This 7mm Mauser cartridge by Remington features the 140 grain Core-Lokt PSP projectile. There’s great reason why the Core-Lokt has maintained continuous popularity since the second Roosevelt administration. Its core is locked soundly to its jacket, enabling the two to resist separation during penetration for superior weight retention and a deep wound channel. Upon impact this bullet’s exposed core triggers expansion, and is able to double its original width thanks in part to its specially designed jacket. This bullet’s streamlined spitzer profile gives it the improved velocity and flat trajectory that you need to hunt deer effectively as well.

This cartridge further offers a factory fresh brass casing, which boasts uniform dimensions for consistent performance and is strong enough to be of great use to a handloader many times. It stores well thanks to its non-corrosive primer, and its clean burning propellant dependably delivers a 2,660 fps muzzle velocity.
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