20rds – 6mm Rem Federal 100gr. Nosler Partition Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 100 Grain Nosler Partition Ammo Details

If the concepts of “hunting” and “6mm Rem” are occupying the same part of your mind right now, then you ought to be checking out this mighty fine ammunition by Federal Premium. In between ice fishing and church pancake suppers those Minnesotans managed to make one heck of a deer round!

Federal chose a great foundation for this cartridge: a 100 grain Partition by Nosler. The soft point bullet’s two cores are walled off from one another so each can do a different job throughout penetration. Its enclosed rear core retains two thirds of the Partition’s overall weight, ensuring it keeps the kind of momentum needed for a deep wound channel; Its exposed front core mashes down to yield wide expansion for a debilitating wound channel.

The Partition’s jacket starts out very thin around its mouth so it can rupture apart in the instant following impact. It thickens around its middle to control uniform expansion over a wide range of velocities. The base of the jacket features special crimp locks to avert deformation under intense chamber pressures, and its entire profile is streamlined to promote a flat trajectory.

Federal’s best brass, primer, and propellant give so powerful a hunting bullet the sauce it needs to behave at its very finest. It’s a team up between two great American manufacturers that’ll do right by you in the woods!
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