20rds – 6mm Creedmoor Hornady Precision Hunter 103gr. ELD-X Ammo


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20rds – 6mm Creedmoor Hornady Precision Hunter 103gr. ELD-X Ammo Details

This 6mm Creedmoor cartridge is from Hornady’s Precision Hunter line of ammunition, and therefore features its manufacturer’s state of the art 103 grain ELD-X projectile. Like the ELD, the ELD-X’s superior ballistic coefficient is granted to it not only by the unchanging meplat provided by its Heat Shield tip, but also its streamlined secant ogive geometry, Advanced Manufacturing Process jacket with virtually zero variation in wall thickness, and the tapered base dictated by its boat tail design.

The ELD-X suits itself for hunting because it is an expanding bullet -- hence the “X” in its name. At lower velocity impact the ELD-X’s tip jams immediately into its core, commencing violent mushrooming while discarding no more than 15 percent of its overall weight. If you would like to take nearer game, you can still count on some expansion as well as no more than half weight loss thanks to the InterLock ring which so effectively binds the core and jacket together.

This round further features a specially formulated propellant charge that will let you expect consistent results no matter the temperature your hunt’s weather will treat you to. Hornady’s brass casing is made to very exacting standards, and thus seats its bullet perfectly flat for even greater assurance of accuracy.
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    103 Grain
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    Deer Hunting
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  • Ammo Caliber
    6mm Creedmoor
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