20rds – 416 Rem Mag Barnes VOR-TX 400gr. TSX FB Ammo


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Barnes Bullets 400 Grain TSX Ammo Details

The 416 Remington Magnum is no small fry’s rifle cartridge. This is the kind of ammo you want in your corner while you’re squaring off against dangerous game, but it’s also suitable for elk and moose if you don’t particularly feel like hopping the next plane to Kenya. And the 416 Rem Mag only becomes better for hunting when Barnes loads it with their 400 grain Triple-Shock X flat base bullet!

This round’s bullet is monolithic, so it cannot loosen your rifle’s accuracy by leaving lead residue behind in its barrel. The TSX further enhances accuracy courtesy of its sleek profile, even weight distribution, and flat base which gives propellant gasses a uniform surface to push against.

The solid copper TSX is perfect for taking very rugged game. It hasn’t got a core and jacket that could break apart from one another, and copper is resilient enough to retain the weight and momentum the bullet needs to penetrate all the way to a giant beast’s chest cavity.

As the interior of the TSX’s deep hollow point nose cavity becomes pressurized, the bullet extends four razor sharp cutting petals. Together these petals punch a wide and debilitating wound channel through every soft tissue in their path. And the effect becomes even deadlier when you consider just how powerful the 416 Rem Mag really is!

This ammo is loaded in Utah with reloadable brass cases, as well as the sensitive Boxer primers and clean-burning powder you can trust during your hunt.
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    400 Grain
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    Elk Hunting, Safari Hunting
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    416 Remington Magnum
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