20rds – 40 S&W Federal Syntech Defense 175gr. SHP Ammo


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Federal Ammunition 175 Grain Segmented Hollow Point (SHP) Ammo Details

There’s more to this 40 S&W cartridge’s pretty blue bullet than meets the eye. It is a segmented hollow point, and it breaks apart into four separate pieces as it hurtles through its target. The core goes straight in, achieving a depth of up to 18 inches; the three other segments each create their own devastating wound channels up to six inches in depth. The result? One dissatisfied bad guy!

Federal also gave this bullet their Syntech jacket. It is made of polymer rather than copper, and therefore eliminates metal-on-metal contact within the bore. It causes only very little fouling, and lessens friction to the extent that actually extends a barrel’s lifespan. This advanced bullet is complemented by Federal’s own Catalyst primer, which is intensely reliable and burns extra hot to ignite a great deal of propellant simultaneously. Federal’s brass is top notch, so it cycles efficiently and is worth handloading several times.
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    posted on by RickMax

    Hello, This is RickMax and I just tried out the 40 S&W 175 Grain SHP ammo and I was impressed. I was shooting my S&W SD40 VE which is a pretty reliable piece in my opinion at 25'. This ammo came out smooth and straight which is the highest praise I can give a bullet, I mean what more can it do. 40 rnds at my best target hitting speed and each rnd hit where I wanted with nary a foul. This 40 has a 14 rnd clip with one in the pipe so I was at max load firing 3 clips. So what's this mean to me? It tells me that since I carry fully loaded with one extra clip, in an emergency I am going to toss 28 rnds in the general direction of the problem with out worrying about a jam. If that does not dissuade the squirrel that is attacking me nothing will.

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