20rds – 40 S&W Barnes VOR-TX Handgun 140gr. XPB Ammo

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Barnes Bullets 140 Grain Solid Copper Hollow Point (SCHP) Ammo Details

Barnes’ VOR-TX Handgun line of ammunition serves two very different needs, though it serves both excellently. For lead-free hunting or effective self-defense, this is your 40 S&W ammo!

This 40 S&W cartridge’s 140 grain XPB bullet is made of solid copper. That metal is non-toxic and the most popular alternative to lead bullets, so you’re safe to take this ammo varmint hunting on protected lands. A copper bullet has the nice advantage of slowing down barrel fouling, and it keeps ports and suppressor baffles cleaner as well.

The XPB has a wide hollow point nose cavity. It uses the extra pressurized soft tissue it encounters as the result to produce as wide as double-diameter terminal expansion. And the XPB does not merely flatten down as it bores through its target. It erects six paddle-like protrusions which tear through any tissue they encounter! Better yet, durable copper penetrates to a very consistent depth, as the metal retains its weight so effectively.

This ammo hails from the great state of Utah, where Barnes loaded it with high-quality reloadable brass cases, clean-burning powder and quite naturally non-corrosive Boxer primers. Barnes has been one of the forerunners in copper bullet technology for nearly 40 years. This ammo contains all of that experience!
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    Solid Copper Hollow Point (SCHP)
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    Self Defense, Varmint Hunting
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    40 Smith & Wesson
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