20rds – 380 Auto Black Hills 100gr. FMJ Ammo


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20rds – 380 Auto Black Hills 100gr. FMJ Ammo Details

The smaller the cartridge, the more important accuracy becomes. You can’t count on the 380 Auto (aka 380 ACP) to compensate for poor shot placement with brute force alone. Make sure you develop the skill you need to turn your pocket pistol into a surgical instrument with this box of 380 Auto rounds by Black Hills Ammunition!

Black Hills was founded by a cop. Jeff Hoffman never went on patrol without first inspecting every round in his magazine by hand, and he applies that same level of care to every round that leaves his production facility in Rapid City, South Dakota. You can take confidence that every new brass case, non-corrosive Boxer primer, and charge of clean burning propellant in this ammo is high quality, expertly assembled, and thoroughly inspected.

This round sports a 100 grain full metal jacket projectile. As an FMJ the bullet is incapable of the terminal expansion you would want for personal protection, but its dense lead core and concentrically drawn jacket promote reliable feeding followed by satisfying accuracy for target shooting. This round’s 850 fps muzzle velocity matches the ballistics of a comparable self-defense load, so firing it at the range will effectively familiarize you with your “walking around” ammo!
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    380 Auto (ACP)
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