20rds – 350 Legend Winchester Copper Impact 150gr. Copper Extreme Point Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 150 Grain Solid Copper Ammo Details

You’re looking at the pinnacle of lead-free 350 Legend hunting ammunition. Winchester Copper Impact gives you the formidable power of the Copper Extreme Point – a polymer tipped monolithic hunting projectile that combines great accuracy, superior penetration and overwhelming terminal expansion!

This cartridge’s 150 grain bullet is made of solid copper: zero lead fouling of the barrel, perfectly uniform weight distribution, streamlined profile. The Copper Extreme Point’s giant polymer tip comprises over twice as much of the bullet’s frontal surface area as a conventional polymer tip. That makes the 0.227 G1 BC bullet even sleeker, which is why its trajectory only has to rise 3.3” above the muzzle before landing inside a 150-yard target.

The Copper Extreme Point cannot undergo core/jacket separation, and the copper it is made of is extremely resilient. In short, it doesn’t fragment apart during high-velocity impact and lose penetration depth as the result. The big tip’s broad base forces rapid and deleterious terminal expansion beginning at the exact instant of impact, thus transferring crippling energy to the quarry while simultaneously excavating a massive wound channel in its wake. Deadly, deadly, deadly.

Winchester Copper Impact (formerly Deer Season XP Copper Impact) ammo is loaded with top-shelf brass cases, Boxer primers and propellant, so you can count on dependable performance and bring great shells to your reloading bench after the hunt. Made in America!
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