20rds – 300 Rem SA Ultra Mag Hornady Precision Hunter 178gr. ELD-X Ammo

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20rds – 300 Rem SA Ultra Mag Hornady Precision Hunter 178gr. ELD-X Ammo Details

When a photographer shoots, he has the liberty of moving his subject to whichever distance from him that he prefers. When a hunter shoots, it is unlikely that he can ask his quarry to “please move in a little closer.” With this 300 Rem SA Ultra Mag cartrdige from Hornady’s Precision Hunter label, you’ll be ready for short-distance and long-distance shoots alike!

This round features a 178 grain ELD-X projectile. Its ballistic coefficient is phenomenal, largely thanks to its Heat Shield polymer tip which will not be warped, dulled, or otherwise transformed when it is baked by intense aerodynamic heating. The ELD-X’s trajectory is made even flatter and straighter by its streamlined secant ogive profile, AMP jacket with no discernable flaws in its concentricity, and turbulence-canceling boat tail base.

When this round’s ELD-X slams into its target at 400 yards or nearer, its heavy shank and InterLock ring work together to retain as much as 60 percent of its weight to ensure deep penetration. At greater distances, the ELD-X’s Heat Shield tip reliably drives inward to produce debilitating expansion accompanied by up to 90 percent expansion. In either case, you can bank on the terminal effect you need to get a fast, clean kill.

A Precision Hunter round’s other components are squarely up to the task of supporting so advanced a bullet’s performance. This round’s freshly drawn and tapered casing seats its projectile evenly, and stands up to intense chamber pressures. Its propellant burns clean, and its Boxer primer contains a potent priming mixture and precision angled anvil to provide certain ignition.
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    178 Grain
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    Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting
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  • Ammo Caliber
    300 Rem Sa Ultra Mag
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