20rds – 224 Valkyrie Federal 80.5gr. Gold Medal Berger Ammo

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Federal Ammunition Not Applicable Open Tip Match Ammo Details

This 224 Valkyrie cartridge is made by Federal and features Berger’s 80.5 grain target projectile. Optimal for covering distances up to 600 yards and beyond, Berger’s open tip match bullet is designed specifically for competitive shooting with a modern AR platform rifle and therefore feeds seamlessly from a magazine. This match grade bullet features a tangent ogive profile that is less sensitive to seating depth, as well as a J4 Precision Jacket with virtually zero runout and extremely tight tolerances. When accuracy counts, count on Berger!

This round complements its bullet’s improved immunity to wind drift and superb ballistic coefficient with Federal’s Gold Medal match primer, specially formulated propellant, precision tapered brass shell casing, and tightest loading specs. If you’ve already embraced the 224 Valkyrie for its impressive long-range performance, this round will let you even better appreciate the new caliber’s sniping capabilities. Those clever Minnesotans have done it again!
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    Open Tip Match
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    Match Shooting, Range Training
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    224 Valkyrie
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