200rds – 6mm Creedmoor Hornady Precision Hunter 103gr. ELD-X Ammo


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200rds – 6mm Creedmoor Hornady Precision Hunter 103gr. ELD-X Ammo Details

Hornady considers every component of a Precision Hunter cartridge an opportunity to to improve overall accuracy and terminal performance. These 6mm Creedmoor rounds’ brass casings never deviate from their manufacturer’s reputation for peerless quality, and their propellant charges are loaded uniformly to guarantee consistent performance regardless of the temperatures your hunt will expose them to. That propellant burns clean, and furthermore the rounds’ primers ignite clean, so your rifle’s accuracy won’t rapidly deteriorate over the course of a protracted expedition.

This round’s accuracy and terminal performance are particularly optimized by its 103 grain ELD-X projectile. The bullet’s Heat Shield tip is nigh immutable by aerodynamic heating, and its ballistically efficient boat tail base and secant ogive profile grant it a flattened trajectory and increased energy downrange. The ELD-X delivers big no matter how far your game may be from you -- at higher velocity impact its InterLock ring keeps its jacket and core secured together for no less than 50 percent weight retention, and over longer distances you can look forward to the Heat Shield tip initiating massive mushrooming with no less than 85 percent weight retention.
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