200rds – 410 Bore Federal Premium Personal Defense 3" 5-Pellet 000 Buckshot Ammo

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  • Manufacturer SKU PD413JGE 000
  • Muzzle Velocity 775
  • Shot Material Lead

This 200 round case is the perfect companion to your S&W Governor or Taurus Judge handgun. Buying in bulk allows you to practice often and learn the patterns of different barrel lengths at varying distances. These 3 inch loads pack 5 pellets of 000 buckshot on top of Federal's uniquely designed wad. The special purpose wad engages the rifling of your .410 Bore handgun's barrel in order to improve accuracy and tighten patterns for more efficiency in critical self defense situations. These shells also have raised, rounded edges at the top of their plastic hulls for smooth loading.

000 Buckshot balls measure 9.14mm in diameter and carry great momentum with them into a threat for a more dependable stop. Federal enhances these pellets further by plating them with copper; this treatment makes the pellets less likely to flatten so that they fly farther in a denser cloud and penetrate more deeply. Federal Premium is one of America's premiere ammunition brands and manufactures a wide range of products for shooters of all disciplines. Their Personal Defense line-ups undergo more exacting inspections and laboratory testing in order to ensure that their customers stay safe.

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