200rds - 300 Win. Mag Hornady TAP LE 178gr. A-Max Match Ammo

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  • Bullet Weight 178 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU 82035

This is 300 Win. Mag Hornady TAP LE 178gr. A-Max Match Ammo. The Hornady 300 Win Mag TAP load was created for police marksmen who require a cartridge that provides more terminal energy, higher velocity and a flatter trajectory for long range performance that surpasses 308 Win sniper loads. Topped with the 178 grain A-Max Match bullet, the Hornady 300 Win Mag TAP load delivers extremely consistent performance by utilizing propellant technology that delivers superior temperature stability and unparalleled match grade accuracy. The increased bullet weight and long profile provides an increased Ballistic Coefficient and higher Sectional Density over conventional 308 Win loads and enables increased soft tissue performance at longer ranges, and better barrier performance at intermediate to long range. The 300 Win Mag TAP load is an excellent choice for any marksman demanding power and precision. This ammo is packed in the red law enforcement  20rd. boxes, 200rds. per case.

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