200rds - 22 WMR Hornady Varmint Express 30gr. V-MAX Ammo

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Hornady Ammunition 30 Grain V-MAX Ammo Details

"Varmint Express" is one of Hornady's classic lines which is known for impressive velocity that does wonders on prairie dogs, coyotes, and other smaller pests that might infest your private land. Each of these .22 Magnum rounds is built around a brass casing that was tested for correct hardness, wall dimensions, and a burr-free surface which ensures smooth feeding alongside safe chamber pressures. The rimfire priming mixture at the base of the casing was specially chosen for this load as was the clean-burning powder that it ignites. The top of the round is capped off with a 30-grain bullet of the V-MAX variety.

30 grains is an ideal lightweight rating for .22 WMR and produces great speeds out of both pistol and rifle barrel lengths. The V-MAX has a base-bound lead core, sleek copper jacket, and tall hollow cavity which is covered by a polymer tip. The red tip blends seamlessly into the curvature of the bullet's jacket for cheetah-like drag resistance in flight, contributing to astounding accuracy. Upon contact with a target, the tip is driven into the bullet's hollow cavity in order to cause devastating expansion for quicker and more humane kills on hunted game. Hornady designs their ammunition using exclusive projectiles and component combinations that they've been perfecting since 1949.
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