2000rds – 22 WMR CCI 30gr. V-MAX Ammo

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CCI Ammunition 30 Grain V-MAX Ammo Details

We love seeing a power team like CCI and Hornady. This 22 WMR cartridge combines the best efforts of Americas’s leading rimfire primed cartridge and hunting bullet specialists. If your next hunt doesn’t yield fruit with this round, then your ammunition isn’t the problem!

This round’s 30 grain V-MAX is designed in every way to put lil’ critters down quick. The V-MAX features a swaged lead core. Within it is a precision formed hollow, and within that extends the base of the bullet’s polymer tip. The tip builds up energy before striking the bottom of the hollow, at which point it fragments the V-MAX fast and totally.

The V-MAX’s aerodynamic profile and centered meplat make its trajectory flatter than a topographical map of Florida. CCI’s expertly loaded propellant charge ensures a stable muzzle velocity of 2,200 fps, so you’ll have the juice to pop even the most distant varmints. With this case of ammo you’ll be like a one man (or woman) rodent apocalypse!
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