2000rds – 17 HMR Remington Premier Magnum Rimfire 17gr. AccuTip-V Ammo

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2000rds – 17 HMR Remington Premier Magnum Rimfire 17gr. AccuTip-V Ammo Details

Maybe you want match-accurate 17 HMR for its accuracy alone. Or maybe you want match accuracy and destructive terminal performance on varmints. Well, guess what handsome stranger: you can have both real soon when you order yourself a case of Remington Premier Magnum Rimfire 17 HMR ammunition!

This cartridge puts the power of the AccuTip-V wherever it’s needed. Once the 17gr polymer-tipped bullet zips up to its advertised muzzle velocity of 2,550 fps, its 0.125 G1 BC keeps its velocity supersonic out to about 274 yards. That puts the 17 HMR’s entire effective range under your command. The AccuTip-V’s thin jacket and polymer tip add up to shrapnel-flinging terminal expansion, even at pretty low velocities. The AccuTip-V does have a swaged lead core under its copper shell, so don’t use it for hunting wherever lead is banned.

This flat-shooting and rapid-expanding ammo is made in Arkansas and ready for action wherever varmints are to be found – and in whichever rifle you bring to the party. Forty plastic boxes of ammo per case.
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    17 Grain
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    Varmint Hunting
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  • Ammo Caliber
    17 HMR
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