2 - Mil Spec 50 Cal. & 30 Cal. Ammo Cans - New M2A1 & M19A1 - Blackhawk


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2 - Mil Spec 50 Cal. & 30 Cal. Ammo Cans - New M2A1 & M19A1 - Blackhawk Details

Don’t be surprised when you open up your order and see only one .50 caliber ammo can. The .30 caliber ammo can is inside, just waiting for you to take it out and pack it up with whichever kind of ammo or other supplies you want!

Blackhawk is offering the real deal here. These are brand new, military specification American made ammo cans, seam-welded together from solid steel and strong enough to survive even the harshest conditions. Each can’s hinged lid handle holds strong while you’re toting around heavy loads of ammo. The lid itself has a skit to keep dust away from ammo while you’ve got the can popped open out in the field.

These cans’ latches close their lids down tight. That lets the can’s rubber gasket do its job of locking out humidity. In conjunction with a dessicant pack, that’s sure to keep your ammo shiny and reliable for decades on end.

You’d be surprised how much loose ammo you can fit in a milspec ammo can. One M2A1 stores 640 rounds of 308, 1,200 rounds of 223 or 2,200 rounds of 9mm. One M19A1 stores approximately half as much across the board!

M2A1 Exterior - 11.75" L x 6" W x 7.5"H

M2A1 Interior - 11" L x 5.5" W x 7" H

M19A1 Exterior - 11" L x 4" W x 7” H

M19A1 Interior - 10" L x 3.5" W x 6.5” H
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    50 Cal M2A1


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