10rds – 20 Gauge NobelSport 2-3/4" 9 Pellets #1 Buckshot Ammo


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10rds – 20 Gauge NobelSport 2-3/4" 9 Pellets #1 Buckshot Ammo Details

Good 20 Gauge buckshot loads can be hard to come by – especially when some kind of trouble stirs everyone up into an ammo buying frenzy. Our advice? Snap up a few boxes of this shotgun ammo by NobelSport before some other amazing AmmoToGo.com customer beats you to it!

This shotshell is packed with nine pellets of #1 buckshot. Each pellet is 0.30” in diameter and weighs about 40 grains. Loaded to a muzzle velocity of 1,300 fps, that means this shell’s entire column shot will collectively deliver 1,351 ft lbs of muzzle energy!

NobelSport makes their lead hard so their shot can hit hard – this shell’s poised to take down a whitetail, coyote, or violent attacker fast. Nine pellets to a single shell equals a nice and dense pattern as well, yet #1 buck’s lighter weight means it’s less capable of penetrating multiple walls. That’s good if you want to exercise greater caution in a densely populated area.

This shell’s yellow hull is made of strong fluted plastic, with a brass-plated head to promote smooth feeding. A sensitive primer helps to prevent light strikes, and clean burning propellant keeps a shotgun in better working condition while it’s out doing its job.
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    #1 Buck
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    20 Gauge
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    posted on by Quintin Favors

    Placed first order Tuesday. Package arrived today exactly three days later. I thought it would take at least a week or two in this covid 19 era. Will be shopping more here for sure. 5 stars

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