100rds – 410 Bore Winchester Defender 2-1/2" 3 Defense Discs & 12 BBs Combo Ammo


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  • Manufacturer SKU S410PDX1
  • Muzzle Velocity 750
  • Shot Material Lead

Winchester has designed these unique personal defense loads for maximum terminal effect when fired from .410 Bore handguns and shotguns. These shells use a distinguishable black hull and and high brass head which has been treated with a black oxide process for corrosion resistance. Inside the high strength shell are three "Defense Discs" which sit atop 12 BB sized pellets. Both projectile types are copper plated in order to help maintain their shape for proper flight pattern, tighter shot clouds, and a more momentous effect on target.

This load is designed to yield great penetration at short range with multiple projectiles which create several individual wound cavities for a sure stop. With a 2-1/2" shell length, these rounds are compatible with the compact models of the Taurus Judge and S&W Governor. Winchester ammunition is American made and supported by more than 150 years of experience in caliber invention and firearms design. Their drive to serve the American people has resulted in a wide array of products to the meet the needs of hunters, competitive shooters, law enforcement, and all other enthusiasts.

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