100rds – 22 Short CCI Noise Blank Ammo

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100rds – 22 Short CCI Noise Blank Ammo Details

We would usually start off a description of ammo by telling you about its projectile, but its lack of one is why you would want to invest in this high quality 22 Short blank by CCI. It makes an impactful but not remotely jarring report, the perfect thing to start off a track event with. This round’s clean burning powder won’t produce a waft of foul smelling smoke that will distract runners and turn off spectators, and its sensitive rimfire primer assures you won’t look inept during your big moment.

A blank like this is useful in situations other than track meets. You can use it to train a novice shooter, especially if they’re very worried about handling a firearm. Take note that this round is still capable of doing damage even without a projectile, however, and that you should treat it with just as much caution as you would any other type of ammunition. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the movie In Bruges with Colin Farrell -- it’s a great flick in its own right, and has a whole scene that is very instructive on how dangerous a blank can be.
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    22 Short
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