1000rds – 30-06 Kynoch Surplus 148gr. FMJ Ammo

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Kynoch 148 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo Details

Nowadays, Kynoch primarily specializes in the production of harder-to-find cartridges such as 400/360 Westley Richards, 375 2-1/2" Nitro Express, and 404 Jeffery Rimless Nitro Express. These aren’t calibers you’re likely to find outside of an African game reserve, but in their heyday Kynoch made more military ammunition, such as these surplus 30-06 cartridges from the 1950s. They’ve been kept safe and dry all that time, so with their non-corrosive primers and corrosion resistant brass casings you’re venturing nothing by investing in a whole case of this fine British-made ammunition.

This round will keep you very happy at the range with its 148 grain full metal jacket projectile. Such a bullet offers little in the way of terminal performance, but its tendency to feed easily through any platform of firearm and preserve the bore against lead fouling, as well as its sharp meplat’s inherent accuracy, makes it an indispensable companion at the rifle range.

This round’s new brass casing was drawn and tapered to exact tolerances, and will accordingly chamber with all due precision. Please note that it is outfitted with a Berdan primer rather than the Boxer that is now heavily favored in America. As such, you’ll nearly certainly find no use for it at your reloading bench.
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    148 Grain
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    Range Training
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