1000pcs - 380 .356" Dia Berry's 100gr. Plated HB-RN Bullets


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1000pcs - 380 .356" Dia Berry's 100gr. Plated HB-RN Bullets Details

Berry's reports that these affordable projectiles their best selling .380 ACP component! Each of these projectiles measures .356 inches in diameter and is completely coated in copper so that it leaves no lead residue behind in your firearm. Unlike most copper plating processes, Berry's electrolysis method results in a very strong outer layer which can withstand up to 1,250 feet-per-second of muzzle velocity. Each projectile is "double-struck" or reshaped after the copper plating process in order ensure uniform dimensions, proper balance, and consistent thickness. Berry's, a Utah-based company, has refined this process over the past half century.

These particular .380 Auto bullets possess a hollow-base and round nose (HB-RN) which yields reliable feeding and increased accuracy over standard FMJ loads. This is achieved thanks to the hollow base construction which gives the projectile a greater overall length for increased contact with barrel rifling that results in superb stability. The 100 grain bullets are heavy for the caliber and give handloaders the potential to craft some smooth-cycling, light-recoiling range loads. Buying in bulk with this 1,000 count package allows reloaders to do a proper work-up and roll out plenty of low-cost ammunition for their favorite pocket pistols.
  • Cost Per Round
  • Bullet Weight
    100 Grain
  • Bullet Caliber
    380 ACP
  • Bullet Diameter
    .356 Inches
  • Quantity
  • Bullet Type
    Plated Round Nose Hollow Point
  • Manufacturer
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