1 - USGI SAW Ammo Can - Used w/ Dessicant

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  • Manufacturer Military Surplus
  • Manufacturer SKU USEDSAWCAN
  • Quantity 1

This is USGI SAW Ammo Can Used with Dessicant. The S.A.W. (Squad Automatic Weapon) ammo can has the same features of the standard 50cal. ammo can, just bigger. The SAW can Measures 12"L. x 7"W. x 8" H. and the 50cal. can Measures 11"L. x 5"W. x 7"H. They will show wear and tear from normal use, and may have a little rust. This ammo can is a good value, and is a great choice for ammo storage. Seals are good. Markings will vary. All ammo cans are hand cleaned and inspected by ATG. It comes with 1-1ounce silca gel desiccant pack.

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