1 - Mil Spec Ammo Can - Brand New 50 Cal M2A2


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1 - Mil Spec Ammo Can - Brand New 50 Cal M2A2 Details

Why use ammo cans strictly for storing ammo? We use our ammo cans as lunch boxes, spice cabinets, hamster cages, 8-track tape cases, and medicine cabinets. Sure, the inside of our house looks like it was decorated by David Koresh, but it serves as proof that ammo cans are good for storing just about anything!

And here we have the finest ammo can invented to date: The U.S. Army’s M2A2, which features a special metal support bracket that prevents its gasket from crushing under heavy weight. If you stack your ammo cans up like Jenga blocks, there is no longer any need to worry that all that pressure is damaging your cans’ ability to safely seal their contents away from humidity and other contaminants that are harmful for ammo. (Or spices or 8-track tapes.)

Aside from its support bracket, this brand new mil-spec ammo can is every bit as well made as its M2A1 predecessor. Drop it in the lake for a couple days, and when you haul it out its contents will still be fresh as monkey’s breath. Run it over with your F-350 and you’ll find the truck is no match for the can’s heavy-duty steel construction. Carry it to the ends of the earth and its handle and latch will be no worse for the exercise. This ammo can is designed to weather the worst that the Army might have to put up with!

This ammo can is designed to hold giant 50 BMG cartridges. That means it can store any ammo you might want to put in it: hundreds upon hundreds of 223 Rem/5.56 NATO, or thousands of 22 LR!
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    Military Surplus
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  • Ammo Can Caliber
    50 Caliber


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    posted on by Son of a Patriot

    These cans are more Better than the $12 Walmart ones.

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