1 - Inprint Biometric Safe Instant Access Security

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  • Manufacturer Inprint Biometrics
  • Manufacturer SKU ATIINP001

This is an Inprint Biometric Safe Instant Access Security. The INPRINT allows you to utilize advanced biometric technology to allow only authorized users to access your valuables. The INPRINT can enroll up to 15 authorized fingerprints into memory during a simple setup process. Once these fingerprints are captured and encrypted, they can never be stolen from the system. To gain access, slide your finger across the sensor. The sensor scans the fingerprint’s data and compares it against the encrypted fingerprint data in memory.  Based on the stored fingerprint information, the INPRINT accepts or rejects access quickly and accurately. Approved by the California Dept. of Justice.


1.   Quick access (requiring only one finger)

2.   Rugged steel construction

3.   State-of-the-art technology

4.   9v battery power         

5.   Optional A/C adapter 

6.   Quick and easy reconfiguration

7.   Recognizes up to 15 fingerprints

8.   Spring-loaded door

9.   Key backup

10. Padded lining


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