1 - D&H Industries AR-15 Black 300 AAC Blackout 30rd. Magazine

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1 - D&H Industries AR-15 Black 300 AAC Blackout 30rd. Magazine Details

If you’re putting together a beautiful new 300 AAC Blackout rifle, you are looking at the perfect finishing touch for it right here. Based in Wisconsin, D&H Industries are metal fabrication specialists, so their magazines hold up no matter how much shooters expect of them.

This magazine is made of heat treated aircraft aluminum, so it is both light and exceptionally sturdy. D&H Industries gave this mag a hard coat anodized black teflon coating that protects it against corrosion -- theoretically you could fry an egg on it too, but don’t do that. This magazine is even better able to withstand the elements courtesy of its 17-7 PH stainless steel spring, which props up D&H’s high quality proprietary follower designed just for 300 AAC Blackout.

This magazine holds 30 rounds, so be certain your state won’t sic the gendarmes on you for owning one. If you need to be able to fire more than 30 rounds at a time, then we wholeheartedly advise buying two.

We do not want you to get into trouble! Please check your state and local laws regarding high-capacity magazines before ordering, and do not transport high-capacity mags to jurisdictions that have illegalized them!
  • Magazine Capacity
  • Ammo Caliber
    300 AAC Blackout
  • Firearms Platform
  • Manufacturer
    D & H Industries
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