1 - Mil Spec 30 Cal. Ammo Can - New M19A1 - Blackhawk

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1 - Mil Spec 30 Cal. Ammo Can - New M19A1 - Blackhawk Details

Although it is specifically designed to store .30 caliber ammunition, a military grade M19A1 ammo can will protect any cartridges or shotshells from a damp, hostile environment. This 10”x7”x3.5” container is also great for storing all kinds of sensitive gear – even if it isn’t destined to go in a firearm’s chamber!

Blackhawk’s .30 cal ammo can is made of heavy gauge steel. The olive drab metal is extremely resistant to dents and dings, and disregards impact and crush damage thanks to its seam-welded edges.

This can’s lid features a hinged carry handle. It makes carrying a full ammo can far more convenient, and sits almost flush with the top of the lid when not in use so it can permit stacking. The lid’s underside features a new rubber gasket. Close the can’s lid and the gasket will effectively turn the container watertight and even airtight, thus protecting your ammo from inhospitable atmospheric conditions.
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    30 Cal M19

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