470 Nitro Express

470 Nitro Express, commonly called the 470 NE, is an extremely potent and very powerful cartridge designed for large and dangerous game hunting. It was introduced in 1907, but remains popular to this day.

470 Nitro Express ammunition is a .475, or 12.1 mm projectile on a 83 mm case. The case is derived from the 500 Nitro Express, necked down to accommodate the smaller projectile. The 470 Nitro Express is capable of hunting some of the largest game in the world. In fact, it is too powerful for some game. The 470 Nitro Express was designed to be legal in countries that had forbidden the 450 Nitro Express. Ballistically, the 470 NE is capable of propelling a 500 grain bullet at more than 2,000 feet per second. The 470 Nitro Express’ potency has allowed it to become more and more popular throughout time.

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