8X57 JR Ammo

8x57 JR ammo has both a short and long history attached to it. First off, the 8x57 JR is essentially an older version of 8mm Mauser but has a smaller bore size (.318 vs. .323), so the two rounds should not be used interchangeably. The 8 x 57 was adopted across the world from Eastern Europe, to Africa, and even China. The 8 x 57 was quite potent for the time, and utilized both the traditional ball round, and then the spitzer round, as well as improved versions of smokeless powder.

Both sides used the round during World War 2. The round can fire a 198 grain round at 2,600 feet per second. For a military round, this is quite powerful. The round was well known for its ability to penetrate and destroy. If you’re a collector lucky enough to own one of these rifles, you can browse our line-up of 8x57 ammo for sale listed below.

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