7.65 Argentine ammo is also known as 7.65x54mm Argentine rimless, 7.65mm Argentine, 7.65x53mm Belgian Mauser or 7.65mm Belgian (in the United States) and 7.65x53mm Mauser (in Belgium). The round itself is a centerfire, rimless, bottle-necked, .313 caliber, rifle cartridge originally developed by Paul Mauser for use in the model 1889 Mauser Bolt Action Rifle and both rifle and cartridge were adopted by the Belgium military in 1889. Then, shortly thereafter, the round was also adopted by several South American countries and it served the Argentinean military for almost 100 years from the late 1800's until its service was discontinued in the late 1970's.

7.65 Argentine ammunition is primarily known as the 7.65x53mm Argentine in both South and North America and its ballistic performance is very similar to the .308 Winchester cartridge. Although this cartridge was loaded commercially by many manufacturers in the United States until about 1936, Hornaday is the only major U.S. ammunition manufacturer that still produces this cartridge today. It is still popular in Europe with Norma, Prvi Partizan, Sako and Fabrications Militares producing sporting ammunition in 7.65 Aregentine. In fact, firing a 180 grain spitzer bullet at 2,542 feet per second, this cartridge produces 2,588 foot-pounds of muzzle energy and it is adequate for hunting small to medium sized North and South American game species. You can see our in-stock options of 7.65 Argentine ammo for sale listed below:

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