6XC ammo is also frequently called the 6mm XC. The round was developed by 11-time NRA High Power National Champion David Tubb. 6XC is not your normal hunting round! It was designed specifically for long-range, High Power shooting competitions. Some say it is the world's most accurate long-range 6mm cartridge. It's impressive accuracy and performance is most often achieved by dedicated reloaders meticulous to a fault about every single detail.

6XC ammunition is accumulating a trophy room full of awards at 1000-yard competitions. Originally, the cartridge was developed by playing with the .22-250 case. Length and size-wise, the 6XC fits almost exactly between the 6BR and the 6.5-.284. If you’re a shooter who wants to be at the top of his or her game, you'll probably want to have a gun custom built, or better yet, order a custom Tubb 2000 rifle to fully appreciate this amazing round.

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