6.5x54mm Mannlicher-Schonauer ammo was born in Austria in the Austrian Arms-Manufacturing Company better known as Steyr Mannlicher in 1903. Its name is derived from its designers: the famous gun designer Ferdinand Mannlicher did the majority of the design while the Steyr plant's general manager and Mannlicher's understudy, Otto Schönauer, designed the incredible rotary magazine. Rotary magazines of course helped to avoid tip deformation. Although offered to armies as a military service weapon, it's probably most famous as a sporting gun.

Because the caliber utilizes 6.5 mm bullets known for their superior ballistic coefficients, the gun can be very accurate. The standard 160-grain projectile, with its great sectional density, gave the round a reputation for excellent penetration on game animals. The great African hunter W. D. M. ""Karamojo"" Bell was an avid fan of the caliber; it is reported that Bell killed over 1,500 elephants in his lifetime, with at least 300 of them succumbing to the 6.5 x 54 MS. Very impressive; but don't forget that Bell was renowned for being an excellent shooter with superb shot placement. Nonetheless, who in today's world would ever consider that a round just a little bigger than a .243 would be an elephant stopper! (We're not recommending it for elephants; let's make that clear!)

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