458 LOTT Ammo

458 Lott ammunition is a big bore hunting round designed by John Lott in 1971. The round was designed to be a direct competitor to the famed and successful 458 Winchester Magnum. Lott designed the 458 Lott to be a more powerful contender, better suited for large and dangerous game. The round offers numerous improvements over the 458 Winchester Magnum, and is considered a premier cartridge for large game hunting. The round has more case capacity, and therefore allows a higher level of performance at the cost of increased recoil.

The 458 Lott can be loaded all the way up to 500 grain projectiles, with velocities over 2,000 feet per second. Of course, lighter 300 grain projectiles can achieve faster velocities, with lighter recoil, and easier handling. You can see all our in-stock 458 Lott ammo for sale listed below:

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