450 Nitro Express ammo is one of the most powerful shoulder fired rounds in the world. The 450 Nitro Express is a cartridge perfect for hunting in the savannahs of Africa. The round is capable of taking game up to elephants and if something larger existed, the 450 Nitro Express could take it out too! This cartridge is a straight-case design that is over 3-inches in length. The 450 Nitro Express was designed by John Rigby and is derived from the older 450 Black Powder Express round.

450 Nitro Express ammunition is larger and powerful enough that expansion is not required to kill a large animals. In fact, the round is more lethal as a nonexpanding option due to it’s incredibe penetrating power. The cartridge is capable of producing 4,930 foot-pounds of energy against a target. This is done with a four hundred and eighty grain round at a stunning two thousand and one hundred fifty feet per second. You can see all our 450 nitro express ammo in-stock and for sale listed below:

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