The 35 Remington is another of Remington's fine line-up of rimless cartridges; this one being the last in regular production. Introduced in 1906 and originally produced for use in Remington's semi-auto Model 8 rifle, it has now passed its centennial celebration with grace. With a .358 inch bullet sporting a large frontal area, the round-nose bullet is a solid choice for deer, bear, and even elk. Of course, long-range shots should probably be avoided.

The 35 Remington’s larger bullet will give adequate penetration and energy dump. The cartridge has been chambered by most rifle manufacturers over the years. Today, it is popular in Marlin lever actions as well as in single-shot hunting pistols such as the TC Contender. Modern cartridge loadings usually launch a 200 grain bullet at about 2000 feet per second, putting plenty of energy on target. The round is at home in the American South with hog hunters as well as those hardy souls seeking bear, moose, and big bucks in Maine's woods - both places where a quick-handling, hard-hitting round is vital.

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Recent 35 REMINGTON Reviews

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    great ammo
    willy hill on 20rds – 35 Rem Federal Power-Shok 200gr. SP RN Ammo
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    I've been pursuing Whitetails since I was 12 years old. Now at age 67 I can attest to the effectiveness of .35 caliber chambered rifles. I hunt with lever and pump action carbines chambered to the .35 Remington, pump and bolt guns in .358 Winchester, bolt guns chambered in .35 Whelen, and one bolt gun in .350 Remington Magnum. I've taken deer with Hornady Flex Tip bullets in both factory loads and handloads in my .35 Remington chambered lever and pump action hunting arms. I've also taken 20 plus deer with my .358 Win chambered rifles. The last seven or eight deer taken have been shot with the 200 grain FTX bullet. Even at the increased velocity of the .358 Win @ 2500 fps the bullets always exited and from all signs, no breakup has occurred. The 35 caliber 200 grain Hornady FTX is one accurate and deadly bullet!!!!!
    Robert Drumheller on 20rds – 35 Rem Hornady LEVERevolution 200gr. FTX Ammo