338 Norma Magnum ammo is a very young cartridge, practically a baby, as it was only designed in 2008 and put into production in 2009. It was designed off its parent case, the 416 Rigby. 338 Norma is an upgrade and enhancement of the more popular 338 Lapua Magnum round. The round offers a significant performance increase over the 338 Lapua and just barely meets the definition of a wildcat (not quite mainstream) cartridge.

The 338 Norma Magnum is powerful enough to propel a 300 grain projectile up to 2,600 feet per second. This gives the round the potential as both a North American game cartridge and a sniper cartridge. In fact the round has been utilized in both a Remington sniper rifle and a medium machine gun. Although the round is quite heavy in terms of both recoil and weapon weight, the round is a capable game harvester. You can check out all our in-stock 338 Norma Mag ammo for sale listed below:

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