325 WSM

325 WSM ammunition is also commonly called 325 Winchester Short Magnum. The round’s design is based on the classic 300 WSM, and was introduced in 2005 after the success of the .223 WSSM and .243 WSSM calibers. Despite its somewhat odd shape, the unique round did become well known and accepted by American shooters.

The cartridge is well known for its ability to be extremely efficient when it comes to loading and recoil. The 325 WSM is a very flat shooting round that excels at long ranges. The round is also quite versatile with bullet weights ranging from 180 to 220 grain. This allows the weapon to be used for a variety of nondangerous game, from typical whitetail, to larger elk. The round’s velocity with light loads can reach more than 3,000 feet per second with heavier loads just under that 3-thousand mark.

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