30-40 KRAG

While 30-40 Krag ammo was originally called a small bore cartridge in 1890, the 30 - 40 Krag is a full sized 30 caliber cartridge designed for the United States Military. The round was developed for use in modern bolt action repeaters at a time the military and the rest of the world was transitioning to smokeless powder. The 30 - 40 name comes from the old black powder method of naming cartridges, for example the 45 - 70 was a 45 caliber bullet backed by 70 grains of blackpowder.

The Krag Jorgensen was the rifle adopted and the 30 - 40 became the 30 - 40 Krag. This cartridge served throughout the Spanish - American War. The round performed well with it’s 220 grain metal jacketed cartridge bullet loaded to fire at a 2,000 feet per second velocity. The round was popular and even had it’s own jingle, “Under a starry flag, civilize ‘em with a Krag” Back in the states the round became a popular working cartridge and excelled as a medium game hunting round.

30 - 40 Krag ammunition is a bit anemic by today’s standards, but is still a unique part of American history. The Krag is powerful enough to hunt deer, but is best remembered as a piece of history by range shooters who still fire the round in bulk. The Krag rifles are highly sought after by collectors, and the ammunition is still made by modern manufacturers, which you can find for sale listed below:

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