280 Remington, also known as the 7mm Express Remington is a medium bore round designed in 1957 for a variety of different rifles including pump action, autoloading, and bolt actions. Versatile for a variety of different applications, 280 Rem ammo is primarily used for hunting varmints, predators, and medium game.

The round presents only a moderate recoil, allowing it to be used by a broad base of shooters. Typically, you’ll find 280 Remington ammunition in a variety or projectiles ranging from 120 grain at over 3,000 feet per second to 175 grain rounds at over 2,500 feet per second. You can see all our 280 Remington ammo for sale listed below:

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Recent 280 REMINGTON Reviews

  • ☆☆☆☆☆
    I used this load extensively on Mule Deer this past season, and it dropped the three deer I took as if they were hit by lightning. I had a chance to make a Caribou hunt and was able to make it. I had always wanted to use my .280 Rem on Caribou, and could have not been more pleased. I took a nice heavy bodied bull at around 165-170 yards, and the 139 grain Hornady load performed about the same as it had on Mule deer. He was lacking in the palm area a bit, but still a rather heavy bodied bull that supplied some excellent table fare. He required one high lung shot, it took out the chest cavity, and there was certainly some shock trauma to the spine. Although only a 139 grain bullet, it still had the velocity, and power to pass completely through the big fella, always a plus in my book. Simply stated this is one of the finest factory loads shot through my .280, and Hornady truly outdid themselves on this one.
    Jack J. McGinnis on 20rds - 280 Rem. Hornady Superformance 139gr. SST Ammo
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    Fair price, good service and quick delivery.
    John Hovermale on 20rds - 280 Rem. Hornady Superformance 139gr. SST Ammo
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    Thanks for tacking the time and making the efert to have the 280 165 gr core lock soft point in stock and available to us who have one of these fine shouting rifles. No one ells had them for us but you did. Agan thank you.
    michael w chamlee on 20rds - 280 Remington 165gr. Core-Lokt Soft Point Ammo