These 22 Savage Hi Power rounds for sale are also known as the 5.6x52 MMR, and 22 LMP. The cartridge was designed in 1912 by Charles Newton for the Savage arms company and is an extremely fast round. At the time of its birth, it was something the world had never seen before. The 22 Savage Hi Power uses the 25-35 Winchester as its parent case, necked down to accept the 227 caliber projectile.

5.6x52R ammo garnered a reputation for remarkable accuracy. The round became known for its velocity, which contributed to the idea of its shock and killing power. Despite muzzle velocities in the neighborhood of 3,000 feet per second, many unfortunate hunters discovered the round was more prone to injure larger and medium game than kill it. Still, the 22 Savage Hi Power is an impressive round that is still very popular, especially in Europe.

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